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Coalition Information

Western Coalition faction logo.
  • Year Formed: 1967
  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
  • Leadership: Chairman of the Coalition Military Committee, General Patrick Steinmann
  • Controlled Territories: North America, Western & Southern Europe, Australia, North Africa
  • Purpose: Protection of its member nations' security and interests, especially against perceived threats against their freedom


Western Coalition is NATO's successor in the post-Shift world, where technological growth spurred an ever-accelerating arms race between the East and the West. Concerned that the balance of power could end up tipping in favour of the Soviet Union in light of the rapid technological advancements being made in the aftermath of the Shift, the leaders of NATO nations collectively agreed upon and signed a treaty that when put into action would transform the organisation into a much-tighter knit political, military and economic alliance.

In 1976, an incident later dubbed 'the Annihilation' that resulted from Soviet military covertly transporting an experimental and unstable weapon created using little known aftereffect of the Shift - the so-called Exolis Crystals, detonating prematurely in outskirts of Istanbul, destroying large parts of the city and exposing the existence and potential of these crystals to the world at large, sparking a conflict that would become known as the Resource War, with Western Coalition ultimately triumphing over the Soviet Union, if only because the latter fell apart due to internal conflicts and ultimately dissolved as a coup took over and created the Eurasian Dominion. An uneasy truce between the superpowers lasted for a few years before the inevitable happened and the second Resource War began, with no real end in sight.

Coalition military forces rely on modern armament mixed with the cutting-edge technology of the world, operated by the best of the best. Assault-rifles, advanced self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and missile systems are utilized alongside sound-based suppression weapons and laser beams. As a global military alliance, Coalition military has a support grid and rapid deployment capability that makes most, if not all other military forces around the globe pale in comparison.

Key Characteristics

  • Versatile and flexible arsenal, which often comes at the cost of raw power.
  • Access to heavy-duty field support units & weapons.
  • Multiple reinforcement options and upgrades for existing units & buildings.

Arsenal Overview


  • Coalition Construction Yard
  • Coalition Fusion Reactor
  • Coalition Barracks
  • Coalition Ore Refinery
  • Coalition Shipyard
  • Coalition Air Force Command
  • Coalition Airstrip
  • Coalition Field HQ
  • Coalition Tech Center
  • Coalition Heavy Armory
  • Coalition Concrete Wall
  • Coalition Sentry Turret
  • Coalition Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Coalition Laser Cannon
  • Coalition EMP Mine
  • Coalition Railgun Installation
  • Coalition Shield Generator
  • Coalition Missile Launch Facility

Support Powers & Superweapons

  • Satellite Scan
  • Enforcer Corps
  • Airborne Company
  • Deliver Cloudpatch Copter
  • Airstrike
  • Jammer Signal
  • Phoenix Protocol
  • EMP Mine
  • Nuclear Missile Strike


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