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Project Phantom July 2013 Update

Posted by on July 15, 2013 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 2)
This time it's a media update plus a small status update as well.

Let's start on a less light note. As you might or might not have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of going on for Project Phantom in past few months. This is not without a reason. My motivation to work on the mod dropped dramatically a couple of months ago as a result of some circumstances that shall go unmentioned in this article and because playtesting of the mod revealed that the gameplay of the mod might require several, possibly very drastic reworks to put it back on it's track to perfecting the gameplay balance. Since then I've been taking a break of sorts from the development and most of the things you see me post below are in fact from March or early April. This was necessary, as continuing to work on a single project for years without a longer break in between might take it's toll on anybody.

Because things are not going to work themselves out by itself over a night and I want to take my time with this project to ensure that the end result will be as awesome as possible, it is entirely possible that the trend of a rather low public activity will be going on in the future as well, possibly for months. Related to this, I was planning to rework the content of Project Phantom website for the next public progress update to include most up-to-date information available so far, but because of high amount of changes expected to the mod, this has been delayed to indefinite future. I did, however, update the site layout of the site exactly as I planned to.

Once the development issues have been solved, it is likely that there shall be a surge of news released once again, likely accompanied by brand-new video footage of the mod. Time will tell, however.

Onto the actual content of this update, here are some new units/unit graphics, belonging to various factions. Click one of the small images to see a full-sized one.


Barracuda Gunboat body original voxel made by Daz, Allied Cargo Plane original by Mig Eater, Prominence Tank, Tyrant Flak Tank body, Slayer Tank body originals by Bu7loos and Reaper Buggy mortar mode turret by MadHQ.

Following is also a set of other, assorted updates.

A doodad addition - spotlights & spotlight towers. There are two sets of these structures, one where the spotlight won't rotate automatically (instead it is static and determined by the direction of the structure set in map editor) and another where the spotlight will automatically follow enemy units, with the tower only following ground units and the normal spotlight only following air units, respectively.


Other in-game content updates include new graphics for the capturable defenses, rework of the Conduit Tech Vault & new color scheme for the unique units available only from the Vault and two new defensive structures, one for the Eurasian Dominion and one for the Phantom Project.

newsturrets_thumb.png newsvault_thumb.png

Continuing on the long line of graphical reworks, here are the recently remastered versions of the faction logos for the three playable factions.


And to match the reworked logos, a new set of loading screens for skirmish & multiplayer had to be created.


Additionally, there is a remade version of the 3x3 faction logo grid image that was shown in last update in January, with the remastered faction logos and some other tweaks to match the more recent lore developments. Check out the description of the image on Project Phantom ModDB Image Gallery to see which logo belongs to which faction, if you didn't already know or wasn't able to guess. Lastly, there is a preview of new sidebar graphics for Allied Forces faction.

newsfactionsn_thumb.png newsasidebar_thumb.png

Until next time, farewell.

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Project Phantom January 2013 Update

Posted by on January 14, 2013 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 2)

And here is the long overdue Project Phantom progress update. Quite media-heavy this time, actually.

First of all, I'd like to announce that Project Phantom has successfully moved on to use Ares for enhancing the mod features.

Months ago when I revived Project Phantom Youtube Channel, it didn't have any new content on it. That issue has now been rectified with the video below, showing cityscape combat between Phantom Project forces and the Eurasian Dominion, featuring new & revamped units such as Dominion Eradicator Artillery that can spread radiation and hammer enemy structures, and Phantom Eclipse Projector that uses powerful weapon known as 'Black Sun' generator to hinder the movements of enemy forces and inflict damage.

And here comes the massive voxel showcase. Couple of these have been shown before, but some of those have either gone through tweaks or might've only reached ModDB audiences, which is why I am including them here now. Click one of the small images to see a full-sized one.


In the miscellanneous section, we have basic infantry for all factions, new Allied Demolisher bomb drone infantry that can plant bombs ala Crazy Ivan while staying cloaked and deploy into a mine and new Eurasian Dominion Airfield artwork. Also in the same picture with Demolisher are visible two other, fairly recent additions to Allied infantry arsenal: Field Medic & new Juggernaut Combat Suit, armed with missile launchers and hand mortar cannon.


One big thing I've been working on for past few months is new terrain. Currently only temperate theater is deemed fully complete, as it has been converted to custom palette and urban theatre tiles have also been integrated to it. Tundra theater, that replaces the old arctic theater, as well as desert and standard urban theaters are also mostly complete. Below are some previews of this work. Again, click on the images to view full-sized ones.


Quite a while ago I posted an image to PP ModDB Image Gallery, showing logos for all of the factions, both playable and unplayable that are included in the mod in one fashion or another. This image can also been seen below, click to see it in full size.


Aside from the playable factions (top three), the factions to logos belong to are listed below. From top to bottom, left to right.

Crimson Claw: A crime syndicate/private military company with ties to renegade, ex-Dominion officers and access to a large arsenal of WWIII-era technology. Mostly operates in Eastern & Central Asia.
Wasteland Patrol: A former Dominion military squad consisting mainly of 'scraps' and things that can survive in harsh environments like Desolators. Nowadays more of a some sort of Desolator cult led by someone named 'Azrael', with little to no interaction with main Dominion military command. WP equipment has been spotted in Caucasus, Middle Eastern & Central Asian areas.
Nova Squad: An elite fast-response taskforce of Phantom Project with a special penchant for stealth warfare. Recently went rogue and carried out a terrorist attack on Phantom HQ. According to Director Jacob Milton, their objective is to use Phantom technology to topple current governments and build a new world order.
Scavengers: A catch-all term for certain group of mercenaries that are mostly active in Eastern Europe & Middle East. In general, the said mercenaries harbor hatred towards both Allied Forces & Eurasian Dominion, although some of them are ready to bury their grudges if paid enough.
The Conduit: An underground circle of smugglers, informants, arms dealers, the list goes on. Kind of just appeared out of nowhere in late 80's. Not particularly organized either, and people who are known to be in the loop are usually on top of the wanted lists of various law enforcement organizations. Conduit activity hotspot is in Central Europe and nearby areas.

As for the question mark, that remains to be seen.

Last thing on the list is promotional artwork, a mock box cover for the mod and a new wallpaper featuring the capital ship of Phantom Project faction - Hades Cruiser. The wallpaper can be found in various sizes on website media page.

newsppboxart_thumb.png newshadeswp_thumb.png

Speaking of website, currently the content on Project Phantom website is mostly outdated. Due to the amount of time it consumes to prepare descriptions and pictures, it will only be brought up to date on a later date, likely in increments. Any major updates will probably be announced via Twitter & Facebook at very least.

That's all for this time folks.

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Project Phantom invades social media

Posted by on April 10, 2012 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 2)

Project Phantom now on social media

Seeing how nowadays pretty much everyone and their dog has a page or profile on Facebook, a Twitter account, list goes on, I decided it was about a time that I'll dismiss my prejudices towards social media for good and put up a page on FB for Project Phantom and set up a Twitter account.

So yeah, without further babbling, Project Phantom can now be found on Facebook and I also set up a Twitter account for posting small mod updates and other assorted content that I'd like to share. There is also PP YouTube Channel, but that's currently empty of content (as I didn't want to re-upload the outdated content when I revamped the channel), something that will hopefully change with next progress/media update.

In other news

Mod progress has been slightly slow lately, university work, been ill for a bit. Oh, and my computer graphics card fan kind of canceled it's contract a while ago, and the only reason this machine can even run at all without graphics card overheating is due to a makeshift life support solution of sorts. Repairing the fan is kinda out of question due to circumstances, will probably be trying to purchase a new machine in near future instead of spending any more cash on an already vastly outdated setup.

Here's a little picture of some new & graphically overhauled units, taken from Project Phantom ModDB image gallery. Bottom two are just graphical revamps, the other two are more interesting additions. Not gonna spoil what they are or what they do yet, maybe you'll see in next actual media/progress update.

Click on the image to view it in a full size.

That's all for this time, folks.

Project Phantom - 2012

Posted by on January 21, 2012 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 8)

Been quite a while, eh? Yeah, I thought the same. This newspost will bring you some media and other small things that'll hopefully show where the project is headed towards. The title does not only reflect the fact that this is first newspost of the year, it also means I am aiming for first public release during this year.


Project Phantom website has been brought up-to-date, with new unit & structure profiles that come with in-game screenshots. Additionally there is some new extra visual appeal to the layout of the site.


Let's start from one of the more important aspects of this progress/media update. As you can see from the screenshot below, several Dominion structures have had a graphical makeover, replacing the recolored Westwood assets with all new artwork, and rest of them are to follow in future. This change has also altered the way some of the structures work, as well. In-depth detail on individual units & structures can be found on website. Another thing to note is currently work-in-progress Tundra theatre, a collaboration between me & m666 of Final War fame that will eventually replace Arctic theatre.

Click on the image to view it in a full size.

And no, I am not going to limit this graphical overhaul just to Dominion structures, other sides will also get makeover, in due a time. Phantom Power Core shown in image below.

Click on the image to view animation of the structure. It looks bit better in-game than in this, to be fair.

This of course means that mod is going to have some civilian/misc. eye candy as well, here's pictures of some doodads and those country flag things in-game, respectively.

Click on the images to view them in a full size.

And finally, 3 misc. screenshots that were taken during beta testing online games of Project Phantom.

Click on the images to view them in a full size.

What's next?

In near future you could expect more media and showcases, in form of screenshots and possibly video footage as well. Mod content I am currently working on, aside from already mentioned structure graphic overlay & Tundra theatre along with other terrain improvements, involve technology branches, support powers and stolen technology. On top of that, I've been trying to do some map work, replacing some not-so-good or otherwise unfitting maps with more interesting ones. All of this will be showcased eventually too, in one form or another.

Final notes

Project Phantom is also currently looking for people capable of filling following roles in development.

- Infantry Artist.
- Mapper
- Concept/Promotional Art Creator.

More information available here.

Until next time.

PP Progress

Posted by on August 23, 2010 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 6)

Long time since last update, this time I'll bring you a number of assorted news.

Project Phantom Site

While it's been up for months by now, I only now officially announce that Project Phantom has it's own website, found here. This will be the main source of mod related info from now onwards, and will be updated periodically to include most up-to-date information.

Project Phantom in ModDB

Project Phantom is also now on ModDB.

Forum Updates

I've made updates to following topics, more details on what was updated can be found on each topic.

Image Gallery
Tech Structures
Faction Information



Credits for TX team for snow terrain additions, MadHQ for desert terrain, and Mooman65 for New Urban, FlyingZ for the original map in Phantom picture. Full credits list available on site.

All of them can also be found in the Image Gallery topic.

What's next?

Project Phantom development is currently going on, despite the lack of progress updates lately. Lately much of the development time has went to finalizing the tech trees. Few things I've also been planning are cameo style change (See image.. Please voice your opinion if you wish.) and inclusion of several new gameplay-affecting features such as new armor types to give more flexibility when balancing, and tech-tree branching choices. Whether any of these features make it in is something we'll see later on. For now, I'll be back into the development but I'll try to keep you updated occassionally.