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Updates galore..

Posted by on September 24, 2009 - View Forum Topic (Comments: 12)
Well, for starters i've posted a new video at Youtube, which can be found here. View in HD for best quality.

It's not that super but I guess it suffices for a small scale progress update, next one will hopefully be better..

And yes, Phantom structures are all currently utilizing recolored versions of Gamemate's awesome work from FC. There isn't really that much high-tech structure artwork publically available which would fit, so those shall suffice as placeholders at least for now.

In other news, I decided to open an Image Gallery, where I might occassionally post random screenshots taken during development. Already updated it with two GUI-related items so check it out if you wish..

I also finally managed to replace the old faction information topic with tentative version which includes much more up-to-date information, however remember that it's not complete yet. Storyline one will probably follow after I can bother to write it up properly.

As for development itself, I apologise for long delay without any updates. Despite of that, mod has been continuosly worked upon behind the scenes. At moment, Phantom side is the one most close to being finished and I have been focusing more on Allies & Dominion lately with occasionally doing misc stuff e.g GUI and such and civ/tech stuff. Hopefully there won't be over half year delay till the next update this time.